Green Business Index (GBI) – Barometer of corporate environmental responsibility in Romania

Green Business Index, a project by Green Revolution Association, started in 2010, assesses and rewards the environmental performance of companies in Romania.

The environmental responsibility is assessed free of charge through an online tool based upon key environmental performance indicators used at international level, and developed with support of a team of experts.

Green Business Index is an initiative supported by strategic partners, with relevant expertise in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Corporate environmental performance assessment application

Corporate Carbon Footprinting and Reporting Calculator

Guide on environmental performance assessment and reporting and carbon footprinting

Online training courses and seminars on sustainability


Participating at Green Business Index brings a series of direct and indirect advantages for companies, all being of major importance for the overall corporate performance:

Free performance assessment, accompanied by generation of an individual report, which includes specific environmental performance indicators.

Access to expertise on:

  • increase of legal compliance on environment
  • boost environmental performance

Improvement of corporate image by:

  • brand consolidation
  • client loyalty
  • public recognition of company initiatives and efforts for environmental protection
  • increase involvement of employees and business partners

Promotion of successful businesses in the field of environmental management is one of the key objectives of the Green Business Index, therefore awarding companies who prove their efforts in the field is our priority.

During the previous GBI editions, the GBI Awarding Ceremonies have been attended by a large number of participating companies, representatives of the Romanian businesses and relevant public authorities.

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Evaluation of corporate environmental performance

is done by the use of 7 questionnaires: corporate sustainable development, environmental impact, sustainable transportation, resource use, green buildings, supply chain sustainability, and waste management.

Corporate Carbon

calculates total GHG emissions for Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (indirect emissions from purchase and use of energy) and Scope 3 (indirect emissions from activities outside of direct control by company).

Guide on environmental performance assessment

provides companies with practical guidance on how to assess their environmental performance, being a helping tool accompanying the online GBI tool on environmental performance assessment

Guide on how to use GBI
Green Business Index

consists of video tutorials offering step-by-step guidance for users, helping them through the process of environmental performance assessment and carbon footprint calculation


Online training courses
and seminars

acces to online training courses and seminars on sustainability, environmental performance improvement, supply chain sustainability etc

How Green Business works?

Enroll now.

Create an account for your company.

Choose the sector you are in.

Choose one of the Green Business Index tools.

Choose performance assessment areas.

For the environmental performance assessment, choose those questionnaires of interest for your company.

Fill in the questionnaires.

You may access any or all of the questionnaires you want.

Wait for the report.

At the end of the evaluation period, you will be sent an individual company report and will learn who are the greenest companies.