Green Business Index Roundtables organized with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania continue in Buzau and Galati.

The meetings took place on 26th and 27th of May 2015 at the Chambers of Commerce and Industry headquarters in Buzau and Galati, presenting the benefits of free assessment of environmental performance and how the environmental impact can be effectively managed.

During the two events Raluca Fiser – president of Green Revolution, and Ninel Lazar – project manager Green Business Index presented the advantages and the structure of the Green Business Index project.
At both meetings took part representatives of the most important companies in the county, such as: Voestalpine VAE Apcarom S.A., Romcarbon SA, GreenTech SA, Navlomar SA S.C. Lucsor Impex S.R.L, S.C. Raficon Trade S.R.L., S.C. Romoil 2003 S.R.L., S.C. Fermit S.A., S.C. Boromir S.A., S.C. Snick Ambalaje si Consumabile S.R.L., SC Tehno Bionic SRL., S.C. Reev River S.R.L..

Also two of the winning firms from the previous editions of GBI joined the events : Living Industry and GreenTech Jumbo SA, pointing out the usefulness of the project over the four previous editions and showed that, in addition to official recognition of good performance in the field, the GBI participation offered them the chance to identify new opportunities for improving their performance and a better management of environmental risks.

During the meetings the four GBI basic tools available for evaluating and reporting the environmental performance were detailed:
Environmental Performance Evaluation – the main service provided by GBI and rendered by means of an online diagnosis and reporting tool consisting of 7 questionnaires: corporate sustainable development, resource use, environmental impact , waste management, green buildings, supply chain sustainability ,and sustainable transportation.
Greenhouse gas emissions calculator (also called the carbon footprint calculator) – estimates the total greenhouse gas emissions.
Guide for environmental performance assessment and reporting – offers practical guidance for companies seeking to evaluate their level of sustainability, being built as an accompanying tool for the corporate sustainability online evaluation platform, Green Business Index.
Video tutorials – practical, step by step guides for environmental performance assessment and the carbon footprint calculation.

GBI 2015 is a project started by Green Revolution Association, developed in partnership with The Royal Norwegian Society for Development and supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, in the frame of Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania.

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