Yesterday, December 17th, 2013, at the Green Business Index (GBI) Gala, Green Revolution Association has awarded the most environmentally-responsible companies. The event has taken place at J.W. Marriott Hotel and was attended by representatives of the business sector in Romania, as well as public authorities.

At its fourth edition, GBI represents the public recognition of the efforts done by Romanian companies to increase their sustainability, and reflects the degree of their openness to a greener economy.

At the Green Business Gala, Sonae Sierra and Ursus Breweries were awarded the most environmentally-responsible companies. The GBI general top for 2013 includes:

Industry/Production: 1) Ursus Breweries 2) Preh Romania 3) Hochland Romania

Services/Trade: 1) Sonae Sierra 2) Grup Servicii Petroliere 3) DHL International Romania.

Following the evaluation of the participating companies on various areas of environmental performance, the following companies were awarded by Green Business Index:

Environmental Impact:

Industry/Production: Automobile Dacia

Services/Trade: Grup Servicii Petroliere

Corporate Sustainable Development:

Industry/Production: Ursus Breweries

Services/Trade: DHL International

Resource Use:

Industry/Production: Ursus Breweries

Services/Trade: DHL International Romania

Green Buildings:

Industry/Production:Ursus Breweries

Services/Trade: Sonae Sierra

Waste Management:

Industry/Production:Ursus Breweries

Services/Trade: Grup Servicii Petroliere

Sustainable Transportation :

Industry/Production: Hochland Romania

Services/Trade: ProCredit Bank

Supply Chain Sustainability:

Industry/Production: Mataplast

Services/Trade: Sonae Sierra

«For the last 4 years, through the use of GBI, we monitor “green” initiatives in the Romanian business sector and create an annual top of the companies with different stages of „greening” their business. The substantial increase in the number of companies participating at Green Business Index in 2013, as well as the results of their annual environmental performance assessments, proves that, despite the early stage in many companies, there are real reasons to believe that sustainable economic development can be achieved in our country, » declared Raluca Fiser, President of Green Revolution Association.

The multi-annual project named Green Business Index (GBI) is the only free tool for corporate environmental performance assessment for the Romanian business sector, based upon ISO 14001 and 14031 standards. It monitors green initiatives in the Romanian business sector and offers guidance, capacity building, and advice for companies desiring to boost their environmental performance.

GBI 2013 Statistics

This year, over 350 companies have enrolled in GBI, however this represents a small share in the total number of companies registered and active in Romania at the end of FY 2012. We recorded participation in the questionnaires from new companies, but also from companies who participated in previous GBI editions.

All companies evaluated in the GBI 2013 edition have provided valuable information referring to their environmental performance for the reporting year (2012).

Green Business Index, a multi-annual project by Green Revolution Association, is the barometer for environmental sustainability in the Romanian business sector.