Green Business Index (GBI) – Barometer of corporate environmental responsibility in Romania

Calendar of Green Business Index (GBI)

March 15th – October 31st: Free registration for companies, filling in of questionnaires, and use of apps

November 1st – December 31st: Evaluation of participating companies, generation of the final reports with score and performance evaluation for each participating company

November 1st – December 31st: Preparation of the GBI Report

GBI Gala, the most important national event for acknowledging the companies’ merits on environmental protection

* Organizers reserve the right to modify the Green Business Index calendar according to the requests of the majority of participating companies, the requests of project partners, and other reasons that are decisive for the project’s proper functioning.

**GBI services are also available to companies outside the registration timeframe, yet those companies registering beyond the deadline indicated above will not be eligible for participation at the Green Business Index competition, irrespective of their final scores, or they may participate based on the scores by the deadline only.

Green Business Index is an instrument for evaluating and encouraging environmental performance in the Romanian business sector. The structure of GBI questionnaires and of the other instruments, the scoring system, and the evaluation are proposed by a team of reputed environmental experts.

By means of online platform, GBI offers Romanian companies 6 tools for evaluating and reporting their environmental performance:

  • Environmental Performance Evaluation– the main service provided by GBI and rendered by means of an online diagnosis and reporting tool consisting of 7 questionnaires: corporate sustainable development, resource use, environmental impact, waste management, green buildings, supply chain sustainability, and sustainable transportation.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions calculator (also called the carbon footprint calculator) – estimates the total greenhouse gas emissions for Scope 1 Emissions 1 (direct emissions from company controlled sources), Scope 2 Emissions (indirect emissions from purchase and use of energy), and Scope 3 Emissions (indirect emissions from activities which are beyond the company’s direct control).
  • Corporate Circularity Assessment App – calculates specific indicators on the status of adaptation to the principles of circular economy.
  • Guide for environmental performance assessment and reporting – offers practical guidance for companies seeking to evaluate their level of sustainability, being built as an accompanying tool for the corporate sustainability online evaluation platform, Green Business Index.
  • Video tutorials – practical, step by step guides for environmental performance assessment and the carbon footprint calculation.
  • Online training courses and seminars – reserved to companies participating to Green Business Index, offering access to online training courses and webinars on sustainability, environmental performance improvement, sustainability in the supply chain etc.

GBI evaluation is annual and its conclusions refer strictly to the analyzed period. The period analyzed by the current GBI edition, also called “reporting year”, refers to the data and information concerning the companies’ environmental responsibility for the previous calendar year (for example, in GBI’s 2018th edition, the inputted data originates from the calendar year or, accordingly, to the 2017th fiscal year) .The evaluation is performed based on the participating companies’ exclusive responsibility for the data and information provided by using the instruments on the GBI’s online platform, and the organizers (GRA and Partners) are not liable for the quality of the data provided by participating companies, nor for the situations in which they introduce in the online platform data and information which refer to other periods than the reporting year.

Environmental performance is assessed differently for 4 sectors: production/industry, services/commerce, construction, and transportation and logistics, and the 7 questionnaires are customized for each of these sectors. The respondent is automatically directed to the set of sector-specific questionnaires, based upon the CAEN code introduced in the registration form.

At the time of registration, companies will fill in a form with their CAEN code (consisting of 4 digits) associated to the main activity of the company. The same company cannot participate in the campaign using two different CAEN codes and/or two different user accounts.

Also, in this edition of the GBI, the access is restricted for organizations in the public sector, respectively companies or organizations holding the following CAEN codes associated to their main activity: 8411, 8412, 8413, 8421, 8422, 8423, 8424, 8425, 8430, 8510, 8520, 8531, 8532, 8541, 8542, 8551, 8552, 8553, 8559, 8560, 9700, 9810, 9820, 9900. Nevertheless, companies with state ownership that would be eligible according to the CAEN codes are encouraged to participate at the competition.

Stages in the GBI Project

Registration in the GBI can be performed exclusively online, on the website, using the “New Account” section, by introducing the data requested in the registration form. The account will be created once the “Terms and Conditions” are accepted and the registration form is filled in. Please read the participation Terms and Conditions carefully before you request an account for your company. Once the account is created, it can be accessed by logging on the internet page, using the “My Account” section. Subsequently, the representative of the registered company can begin to use the GBI tools for which he/she received access.

For the environmental performance assessment, each company has the freedom to choose one or several questionnaires and in each questionnaire, it can provide answers to as many questions it considers relevant. However, in order to participate in GBI, it is mandatory to provide answers for at least one questionnaire, plus providing the input data for at least one GHG emissions category in the carbon footprint calculator.

In order to participate in the GBI overall top, the responder must provide supporting documents or information for the chosen answers in at least 30% of the questions found in GBI questionnaires (per each set of questionnaires), regardless of the chosen answers, as well as relevant documents on the GHG emissions. These documents are not mandatory in the filling in stage of the Project, but providing them is mandatory for the evaluation stage, when answers are validated. Those companies who score highest after the filling-in stage, will be notified to provide the relevant supporting documents in a timely manner, and failing to do so will automatically disqualify them to be nominated in any of the GBI tops for the current GBI edition. Please understand that however this does not affect your access to the GBI portal and apps.

The responder may decide to fill in the right answer at another time, if he/she does not have the necessary information or supporting document, or he/she may select the answer, if he/she knows it and can add the supporting documents at a later time. The answers are automatically saved in the online platform.

The responder can edit the selected answers at any date, in the time prior to the expiry of the participation deadline for GBI (31st of October).

The responder may decide to finalize the completion of questionnaires before the participation deadline for GBI 31st of October), with the button “Finalize” in the control panel. After this moment, the responder has access to view the answers, and they can be edited only by means of a justified request (by phone or e-mail) to the Green Business Index team, but after 31st of October, the responder’s access to edit the answers or fill in the questionnaires will no longer be allowed.

If by the expiry of the participation deadline (31st of October) the responder did not conclude the questionnaires’ and GHG calculator completion by clicking the “Finalize” buttons, the system will automatically consider the answers filled in by that time and will automatically activate the “Finalize” buttons. However, if companies would like to access the application and continue its use beyond the participation deadline, they are allowed, yet GBI team will consider only those answers provided by the participation deadline (31st of October).

After finalizing the filling in phase, each responder will receive a preliminary report including information on the completeness level and key environmental performance indicators, based on filled-in answers, a preliminary report on the carbon footprint and a preliminary report on circularity. The preliminary reports will not include the analysis of the key performance indicators in relation to the other participating companies.

While filling in the information, the responder can access, at any time, information regarding the questions left unanswered and questionnaires’ completeness percentage, but he/she will not have access to the preliminary report before the activation of the “Finalize” button.

Green Revolution Association, through the GBI Project Manager, may verify at any time how much of a questionnaire has been completed by a responding company.

If you need help while filling in the questionnaires or using the instruments provided in the GBI online platform, contact us. Please note that by “technical support” we do not refer to activities regarding environmental consultancy or engineering consultancy for environmental performance aspects and indicators, but exclusively to technical support for filling in questionnaires and using the applications on the online platform.

The GBI software generates reports containing all the information regarding the answers provided by all responding companies to all the questionnaires and instruments of GBI.

Please note that in GBI, companies may participate without uploading supporting documents in the online application, but rather send them separately at request by the GBI team at the end of the competition, depending on their preliminary scores. The GBI team will request supporting documents only from those companies who may qualify for the GBI tops, based on scores to the questionnaires and the GHG calculator; however, their consideration and/or ranking in the final version of the GBI top will need to be validation by the expert team, based upon supporting documents provided by respective companies. Lack of supporting documents or refusal to provide these documents, at request of GBI team, will automatically disqualify those companies from being nominated in the GBI tops, irrespective of their scores.

After the campaign’s completion (31st of October), GBI experts will evaluate the reports and filled in questionnaires, examining all answers for every company and, if necessary, they will proceed to reasonably correct such (for example, answers which are incomplete, contradictory, false, irrelevant to the subject, unsupported by justifying documents or supported by documents which do not indicate clearly the validity of the answer provided or selected etc.). The position in the GBI tops, respectively the scores accumulated by the companies until the campaign’s conclusion (31st of October) can change after the evaluation carried out by our environmental experts.

In general, the first 5-8 companies ranked in each separate field are subjected to detailed control of the supporting documents for the answers provided to the questions in GBI questionnaires and apps.

GBI experts decide if the supporting documents presented by companies are acceptable and, if not, points will be deducted or, depending on the available timeframe or necessary level of clarity, additional documents will be requested.

Based on the conclusions resulting from the examination of supporting documents, the scores of the companies for which penalization was suggested by the environmental experts may suffer change.

By the end of the evaluation period, the final exportable reports will be generated. As of this moment, all responding companies will have access to their final reports containing all the information in the preliminary reports, as well as the comparative information regarding the scores obtained in relation to the other companies participating to the project.

The results of all the companies will be processed statistically, without identifying the companies by their names, except for the companies entering the GBI tops and those who will be awarded special prizes, who will be identified by name and rank.

The experts will interpret the results, corroborate such with other relevant information from other sources (company’s compliance with environmental regulations, trends, environmental problems, etc.), and present their conclusions to Green Revolution Association.

Green Revolution Association will then prepare the GBI Edition Report, based on the recommendations and interpretations provided by environmental experts.

In the GBI Gala, those companies showing highest environmental performance, considered as total accumulated scores, per sectors and questionnaires, together with the scores at the carbon footprint calculator and circularity assessment tool will receive awards.

The promotion of successful models as regards environmental performances is one of the main objectives of Green Business Index, which is why awarding companies that show efforts in this direction is a priority for us.

Fill in the questionnaires.

You may access any or all of the questionnaires you want.


Assessment of environmental performance is the first step for a sustainable business.
This is the main service provided by Green Business Index.


GBI questionnaires consist of the following types of questions:

  1. YES or NO
  2. One answer, selected from a list of predefined answers
  3. Multiple answers, selected from a list of predefined answers
  4. Open answer, in numbers (both in the environmental performance assessment app, and in the carbon footprint calculator)
The GBI results are automatically generated by the application in which the companies fill in the questionnaires. Throughout the entire period during which GBI questionnaires are filled in and evaluated, the scoring algorithm will not change.

Each of the 7 GBI questionnaires is structured per fields of analysis, each field of analysis with a certain weight in the questionnaire, proportional to its importance in the topics covered by the questionnaires. The sum of the weights of the fields of analysis forming a questionnaire is 100.

Each question is matched with a weight, proportional to the importance of the topic analyzed in the field of analysis. The sum of weights of all the questions in a particular field of analysis is 100.

The answers receive scores from 0 to 100, in which 0 is the score given if the responding company has no concern or practical action regarding the aspect of environmental protection approached in the question and 100 is granted if the responder chooses the option which involves the highest effort to reduce the impact on the environment.

The scores of the answers are multiplied with the question’s weight in the field of analysis and the respective obtained value is further multiplied with the weight of the field of analysis in the questionnaire. The total score per each questionnaire is obtained by summing up these values.

The maximum score a responder can obtain per questionnaire is 100.

The final score is obtained by summing the total scores obtained in each questionnaire. Thus, the overall maximum score one company can obtain is 700 points.

Calculation formulas
PG = PC1 + PC2 + PC3 + PC4 + PC5 + PC6 + PC7
PC1…7 = PR x PI x PD
PG = final score
PC1…7 = score per each questionnaire /field of evaluation
PR = score per answer (before applying weights)
PI = weight of the question in the field of analysis
PD = weight of the field of analysis in the questionnaire.

Please note that in GBI, those companies who will use the GHG emissions app and who will demonstrate that they adopted and implemented any carbon footprint reduction programs or projects during the reporting year (2016), will receive up to 100 additional points in the GBI competition. In addition, those companies who, in the corporate circularity assessment tool, will score at least 50 points (out of maximum possible 100 pts) will add those points to their total score, and consequently will improve their chances to get awarded in the GBI competition.

Therefore, the maximum score that may be obtained in GBI is 900 pts, of which max 700 pts at the environmental performance assessment tool, max 100 at the carbon footprint calculator, and max 100 at the corporate circularity assessment tool, respectively.

The results of the participation in the GBI are automatically generated by the online application in which participating companies fill in the questionnaire/questionnaires, depending on their answers. Upon finalizing the fill in phase, participating companies will receive a preliminary report containing information regarding the questionnaires’ level of completeness and key performance indicators, based on provided answers.

Each company’s preliminary results are then examined by GBI environmental experts. Thus, justified penalties will be applied to answers which do not comply with the participation terms and conditions, to those which are incomplete, contradictory, false, irrelevant to the subject or improperly justified by clear documents etc.

If it is ascertained that the information requested in the answers in GBI questionnaires do not meet the examination criteria, GBI environmental experts can penalize or cancel the scores. Also, environmental experts can request additional information if they deem that the answers provided are not clear and/or relevant enough. After the results for participating companies are verified by environmental experts and their recommendations regarding potential penalties have been enforced, the initial scores granted to participating companies may be modified.

Subsequently, the scores of the participating companies are centralized and such are evaluated by the team of experts. Following the evaluation process, the final report will be generated for each company and it will include, in addition to the information in the preliminary report, the final score and the company’s position in relation to the other companies in its sector.

After modifying the initial scores granted to companies as necessary, the Green Business Index top will be compiled, both overall, per each questionnaire, and sector. If granting awards per certain sections of GBI questionnaires is considered appropriate, for example energy efficiency or carbon footprint, then tops will be compiled for the respective sections or applications as well.

The organizers require companies to provide sufficient supporting documents, especially for those occupying the first positions of Green Business Index tops, based on preliminary results. The number of companies which will be required to produce the respective supporting documents will be determined by the Organizers, depending on the total number of participating companies.

For each GBI questionnaire there is a list of supporting documents identified by GBI experts, such as, without being limited to: environmental policy, energy efficiency certificate, waste register etc., companies that will be evaluated in detail being obliged to deliver the information and supporting documents requested by the Organizers within the time frame indicated in these terms.

Document control consists of cross-checking the answers provided by the companies to the questions in GBI questionnaires with documents that support the authenticity and accuracy of the information indicated in the chosen answers. Thus, each company which is subject to document control will be requested to send the necessary supporting documents within 10 calendar days from the request, if the case.

If the environmental experts controlling the documents discover any inconsistencies between the participating companies’ answers and the supporting documents or if the supporting documents are not sent in due time or are sent only partially, the respective company will be penalized or disqualified from the GBI top, if the case, however without affecting the company’ access to GBI tools during the current GBI edition.

In addition, the Organizers may contact the competent environmental authority to investigate if any legal sanctions were imposed upon any of the participating companies during the reporting year targeted by the GBI evaluation. If it is discovered that, during the reporting year, any fines, suspensions or cancellations of environmental and/or water management authorizations or any other administrative or penal acts were applied against the respective company, then it automatically loses the possibility to register in the GBI top, however without affecting its access to GBI tools during the current GBI edition.

Drafting, completing or modifying the evaluation procedure is the exclusive right of the Organizers. This matter cannot be challenged by any means by the participating companies or any third party. The companies may suggest modifications or improvements of the evaluation procedure once the GBI project in which they participate is finalized.

The GBI tops are generated based on the answers provided by companies to the GBI questionnaires, in connection with related supporting documents.
The organizers will proceed to modify the scores of the companies, if score correction was recommended by environmental experts, based on the conclusions of the examination of supporting documents.

The GBI top will be generated for each separate questionnaire and economic sector and overall depending on the highest final score obtained after document control and expert verification.

Please note at the same time that a participating company can be nominated to one single top (one award) in the GBI tops, namely to that top where the company ranks best, except for the special prizes. In addition, companies who are part of the same holding, group of companies or economic conglomerate, irrespective of being legally registered in Romania or not (i.e. FIAT and CHRYSLER are part of the same group of companies), can only obtain a maximum of two nominations at the same GBI edition, irrespective of their scores. In such circumstances, the company(ies) who rank best will be nominated and awarded, provided that supporting documents validate their preliminary scores, as with the other participating companies.

The final results of the GBI evaluation will be available in the free evaluation report, after the final tops have been generated. Thus, by simply logging in, each participating company will be able to access its free evaluation report regarding environmental responsibility. Subsequently, GBI tops will be communicated in the GBI Gala, where awards will be granted to the winners per each questionnaire, economic sector, and overall.